All the tips to avoid mass tourism in Sardinia

Follow Sardinia Selection’s advice: discover hidden gems and seek out small villages, secret bays, and less accessible coves. These places, often unknown to most, preserve the pure beauty of nature and the most sincere hospitality of Sardinia.

Another way to avoid crowds is to plan your trip during less crowded periods. If possible, avoid the peak summer season and opt for spring or autumn when the island is still wrapped in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, but there are still attractive events to enjoy.

When choosing accommodations, consider less touristy areas. Opt for properties located in small villages or the hinterland, where you can immerse yourself in Sardinian daily life and enjoy a true local experience. Interact with the locals and let them guide you to explore lesser-known places. One of the keys to experiencing the real Sardinia is to participate in local activities. Join guided tours led by locals and take part in events such as festivals, popular celebrations, and ancient rituals.

In the sardinian village

Why travel in the low season in Sardinia

Traveling in the low season in Sardinia is always a great idea, and if you don’t believe it, here are five reasons why you should do it too:

  • Avoid the crowds: During the low season, tourist traffic is significantly reduced, allowing you to enjoy the places of your interest in a more peaceful and relaxed manner.
  • More affordable prices: During this period, you will find discounted hotel and flight rates, as well as special offers for activities and tours.
  • Mild climate: Spring and autumn are characterized by a mild and pleasant climate on our island. The days are still sunny and enjoyable but without the excessive summer heat.
  • Nature in bloom and solitary beaches: In spring, nature bursts with colors and fragrances, making it the ideal time for breathtaking hikes and trekking. Beaches are quieter and more serene, allowing you to relax and perhaps engage in water sports without disturbing fellow beachgoers.
  • Festivals and traditions: During the low season, you’ll also have more opportunities to participate in unique traditional events such as carnivals and Holy Week rituals. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the discovery of the island’s flavors, which often reach their peak in the winter season (wines, traditional desserts, etc.).

Search our experience catalog for the one that best suits your desire to avoid mass experiences, or contact Sardinia Selection operators for a personalized proposal that meets all your needs.