Embark on an unforgettable experience to discover Sardinia by train, in which you can appreciate the natural beauty of the coast and the inland and discover the art and tradition of the region. The journey begins in Cagliari and ends in Olbia passing through Oristano, Sassari and Porto Torres and includes guided tours to historic cities and archaeological sites, the rental of an e-boat and an excursion by e-bike to fully enjoy the natural beauties of the island reducing the impact on the environment. There is the possibility of taking the tour also in the opposite direction and therefore starting from Olbia and arriving in Cagliari. By adding an extra day you can return to the starting point.

What to expect:

This trip is for those who want to enjoy Sardinia from another point of view, that of the train. No particular skills or equipment are required, bring with you the desire to discover, the curiosity to learn about new cultures and the passion for adventure.