Welcome to a journey to discover the authentic soul of Sardinia, between craftsmanship, nature and culture. Start your adventure in the city of Oristano, where you will immerse yourself in the beauty of local handicrafts. Let yourself be surprised by the talent of master potters, by the secrets of leather working and by the mastery of the wood craftsmen, who create real masterpieces. Then, set off along the Cammino delle 100 Torri, crossing breathtaking landscapes and enjoying the pure Sardinian air. Along the way, you will discover the history and culture of the region, until you arrive at Piscinas, the pearl of the Costa Verde, famous for its sand dunes shaped by the mistral wind. This experience will leave you with an indelible memory of the beauty and magic of Sardinia.

What to expect:

This journey requires adequate physical preparation as you will travel an average of 20 km per day. It is advisable to bring comfortable clothes, comfortable trekking shoes, backpack covers for the rain, k-way, rainproof trousers, sunscreen, water bottle as essential elements.