Tour operator founded in 2015 in the Marche region, successfully operating in various regions of Italy, and having established an operational base in Sardinia.

The tour operator specializes in tourism promotion, offering services that range from the study and creation of community destinations to consultancy in local project design and development. They also provide training in the construction of DMCs (Destination Management Companies) and technologies related to the structuring of DMS (Destination Management Systems) for tourist destinations.

As the leader of the Sardina Selection network, Globe Inside regularly operates both at the European and local levels with the goal of diversifying, digitizing, and making travel experiences easily and immediately accessible online.

One of the key strengths of their activity is inclusivity, as they have the ability to involve all sectors within the territory, including agriculture and craftsmanship, which are integral pillars of experiential and eco-sustainable tourism, the undisputed essence of the Sardinia Selection project.